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Redesigning the Biosphere-Reserve „Neusiedler See“ [BIOSERV]

Runtime: 2006 - 2009
Funding: ÖAW


The current Biosphere Reserve Neusiedler See does not meet the criteria of the Seville-strategy as outlined in 1995 by the UNESCO MAB Programme. Within this inter- and trans-disciplinary research project the basis for a new delineation and zoning of the Biosphere Reserve Neusiedler See according to the Seville criteria as well as for the description of man-agement objectives with a special emphasis on stakeholder interests was built. Another aim of this study was to initiate a concept for the continuation of systematic ecological and socio-economic research.


Thomas Wrbka (thomas.wrbka@univie.ac.at)

Division Head
Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. Stefan Dullinger

Sonja Hartl


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