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Sustainability Impact Assessment: Tools for Environment, Social and EcOnomic Effects of Multifunctional Land Use in European Regions [SENSOR]

Runtime: 2005 - 2009
Funding: EU – FP6
external link:


 The SENSOR project aimed at delivering ex-ante Sustainability Impact Assessment Tools (SIAT) to support decision making on policies related to multifunctional land use in European regions. This major SENSOR product directly responds to the European sustainability objectives as applied to land use and regional development and a better policy targeting of social, environmental and consumer concerns.


  • ZALF Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (DE)
  • ALTERRA Alterra Green World Research (NL)
  • UBER Dept. of Agricultural Economics and Social Sciences, HU Berlin (DE)
  • TU Muenchen, Chair of forest yield science (DE)
  • ARC systems research GmbH (AT)
  • BOKU, Institutes of Soil Science and of Forest Growth Research (AT)
  • WSL Swiss Federal Institute of Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (CH)
  • NERI Aarhus University (DK)
  • UCPH University Copenhagen, Forside - Forest & Landscape (DK)
  • University Tartu (EE)
  • EFI European Forest Institute (FI)
  • CEMAGREF Groupement de Grenoble (FR)
  • COE/CCIP Centre d'Observation Economique (FR)
  • UWH Institute of Environmental Sciences University of Western Hungary
  • SZIE/KGI Institute of Environmental Management, University Gödöllö (HU)
  • IIASA International Institute for Applied System Analysis
  • DEART-UNIFI Dept. of Agriculture and resource Economics of Florence University (IT)
  • JRC Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES), Ispra (IT)
  • MEPA Plan Making and Policy Development Unit, Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MA)
  • BTUC Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus (DE)
  • LEI Agricultural Economics Research Institute (NL)
  • WUR Environmental Systems Analysis Group, Wageningen University (NL)
  • IUNG Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation Pulawy (PL)
  • ILE SAS Institute of Landscape Ecology, Slovak Academy of Sciences (SK)
  • University Lund (SE)
  • FR Social Research Unit Forest Research (UK)
  • NERC National Environmental Research Centre, Lancaster Research Station (UK)
  • Dept. of Economics and International Development, University of Bath (UK)
  • UNOTT Centre for Environmental Management (UK)
  • UNIABDN Dept. of Geography and Environment (UK)
  • IGSNRR Institute of Geological Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)
  • CASS Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of Sustainable Development (China)
  • Soil National Research Centre of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa Solos) (Brazil)
  • UFSC Federal University of Santa Catarina, Research Group on Environmental Monitoring and Appraisal (Brazil)
  • UBA University of Buenos Aires-Agronomy, Regional Analysis and remote Sensing Laboratory (LART) (Argentina)
  • UDELAR Universidad de la República, Terrestrial Ecology, Ecology Department, Faculty of Science (Uruguay)


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