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Climate-driven range dynamics and potential current disequilibrium in Alpine vegetation [DISEQU-ALP]

Runtime: 2014 - 2017
Funding: ACRP (Austrian Climate Research Programme)


The project uses a novel approach to study changes in the elevational distribution of the high mountain flora of the Alps during the last ~ 100 years. Instead of re-visiting exactly localised plots or transects we re-sample regional vegetation monographs and use novel analytical techniques to test a couple of hypotheses about recent range dynamics, the traits associated with particular responses to climate, the relationship between rear- and leading edge shifts, and the emergence of dispersal limited distribution patterns and extinction debt.


  • V.I.N.C.A. - Vienna Institute for Nature Conservation & Analyses (AT)
  • WSL Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (CH)


Stefan Dullinger (stefan.dullinger@univie.ac.at)

Division Head
Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. Stefan Dullinger

Sonja Hartl


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