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Research topics

Most of the projects situated in the vegetations ecology, zoological ecology and the landscape ecology are concerned also partially with the topic conservation biology.

Conservation Biology

  • Assessment of biodiversity (Austria, alpine biodiversity, pannonic region, eremial region);
  • Biodiversity patterns (vascular plants, Mosses, div. Animal groups: focus on soils animals, epigeic insects, terrestrial vertebrates) and surrogates;
  • Assessment of naturalness (e.g. forests);
  • Inventories for conservation (e.g. wetlands of Austria;
  • Pristine forests, rare and endangered habitats);
  • Implementation of conservation measures and agreements (e.g. FFH-directive of EU; Ramsar convention);
  • Monitoring of conservation measures;
  • Management and rehabilitation concepts for conservation (e.g. restoration of mires; revegetation of ski-fields, dry grasslands, quarries)

Vegetation Ecology

  • Description, classification and ecological analysis of plant communities (e.g. Austria, alpine environments, wetlands etc.);
  • Vegetation mapping;
  • Global monitoring and analysis of climate change effects in alpine environments;
  • Effects of land use change on vegetation (monitoring, research on land use history;
  • Vegetations complex research;
  • Biological indicators (e.g. monitoring of heavy metals and PAH's;
  • Air pollution an atmospheric nitrogen), spatial explicit vegetation modelling;
  • Use of models for prediction of global change effects, and the consequences for life support (e.g. drinking water)

Landscape Ecology

  • Landscape description;
  • Pattern analysis;
  • Classification and landscape typologies, functional analysis;
  • Landscape dynamics and history;
  • Development of sustainability indicators, landscape monitoring by sustainability indicators
Division Head
Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. Stefan Dullinger

Sonja Hartl


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