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1Florian Hofhansl
1Karl Reiter
1Thomas Wrbka

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Article: Hofhansl F., Andersen K. M., Fleischer K., Fuchslueger L., Rammig A., Schaap K. J., Valverde-Barrantes O. J., Lapola D. M. (2016): Amazon forest ecosystem responses to elevated atmospheric Co<sub>2</sub> and alterations in nutrient availability: Filling the gaps with model-experiment integration
Frontiers in Earth Science 4 10.3389/feart.2016.00019
Keywords (3): Ecosystem Research, Earth And Planetary Sciences(all), Amazon
Contribution to proceedings: Hein T., Blaschke A. P., Haidvogl G., Hohensinner S., Reckendorfer W., Reiter K., Schuh B., Weigelhofer G. (2007): Urban flood plains - optimised management strategies in the face of conflicting ecological and socio-economic demands
In: Reducing the Vulnerability of Societies to Water Related Risks at the Basin Scale.
Keywords (2): Botany, Earth And Planetary Sciences(all)
Article: Grunweis F. M., Mullner A., Sonnlechner C., Wilfing H., Winiwarter V., Wrbka-Fuchsig I., Wrbka T. (1999): Landscape, labour and population in pre-modern Austria
Acta Universitatis Carolinae / Environmentalica 13 (1-2): 29-50
Keywords (3): Ecology, Nature Conservation, Earth And Planetary Sciences(all)