Keyword: Ecology Of Animals

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1Stefan Schindler
1Florian Hofhansl

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Conference paper: Schindler S., Reino L., Santana J., Porto M., Morgado R., Moreira F., Pita R., Mira A., Beja P. (2013): Can mismatches between habitat preferences and nest survival cause ecological traps for birds in intensive Mediterranean farmland?
None , IALE 2013 European Congress
Keywords (2): Ecosystem Research, Ecology Of Animals
Chapter: Hofhansl F., Schneeweihs S. (2008): Banderillas: Effects of deforestation on dragonflies (Insecta, Odonata) in the Pacific lowland of Costa Rica (survey)
In: Natural and Cultural History of the Golfo Dulce Region, Costa Rica. Biologiezentrum: 237-248
Keywords (2): Plant Ecology, Ecology Of Animals