Keyword: Forestry

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3Thomas Wrbka
2Wolfgang Willner
2Christoph Plutzar
1Franz Essl
1Harald Zechmeister
1Karl Reiter
1Dietmar Moser
1Georg Grabherr

Associated publication (8)

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Keywords (4): Biodiversity Research, Management, Monitoring, Policy And Law, Nature And Landscape Conservation, Forestry
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Keywords (3): Ecology, Ecotoxicology, Forestry
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Keywords (4): Ecology, Evolution, Behavior And Systematics, Plant Ecology, Plant Science, Forestry
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Keywords (5): Agroecology, Waste Management And Disposal, Agronomy And Crop Science, Renewable Energy, Sustainability And The Environment, Forestry
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Keywords (4): Geography, Planning And Development, Nature And Landscape Conservation, Forestry, Cultural Landscape Research
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Keywords (3): Biodiversity Research, Forestry, Diversity Calculations