Keyword: Geographic Information Systems (gis)

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4Iris Wagner-Lücker

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Article: Mücke W., Hermann A. (2010): Estimation of biodiversity relevant quantities from airborne laser scanning data
Österreichische Zeitschrift für Vermessung und Geoinformation 4: 201-210
Keywords (2): Geoinformatics, Geographic Information Systems (gis)
Chapter: Exler N., Wagner-Lücker I., Janauer G. (2009): Biodiversity and Remote Sensing in Relation to Diverging Scales in the BRAHMATWINN Project
In: Hartmann M., J. Weipert (Eds.), Biodiversität & Naturausstattung im Himalaya. Unknown publisher
Keywords (2): Ecosystem Research, Geographic Information Systems (gis)
Contribution to proceedings: Wagner-Lücker I. (2009): The Danube Floodplain Habitats - application of the Object-based Image Analysis approach
In: Geospatial Crossroads @ GI_Forum '09. Proceedings of the Geoinformatics Forum Salzburg.
Keywords (2): Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems (gis)
Poster: Wagner-Lücker I., Exler N., Janauer G. (2009): Natural environment assessment and vegetation indicators for IWRM scenarios in the Upper Brahmaputra River Basin
Poster session presented at None.
Keywords (2): Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems (gis)
Other: Janauer G. (Editor), Wagner-Lücker I., Lanz E., Schmidt B., Exler N. (2007): Brahmatwinn-Project: Comprehensive assessment of the natural environment (NE) ECOHYDROLOGY AND BIODIVERSITY
Unknown publisher
Keywords (2): Plant Ecology, Geographic Information Systems (gis)