Keyword: Geoinformatics

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9Thomas Wrbka
2Stefan Schindler
2Michael Kuttner
2Karl Reiter
1Katharina Zmelik

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Article: Schindler S., von Wehrden H., Poirazidis K., Hochachka W., Wrbka T., Vassiliki K. (2015): Performance of methods to select landscape metrics for modelling species richness
Ecological Modelling 295: 107-112
Keywords (4): Biodiversity Research, Geoinformatics, Nature Conservation, Animal Ecology
Article: Kuttner M., Hainz-Renetzeder C., Hermann A., Wrbka T. (2013): Borders without barriers - Structural functionality and green infrastructure in the Austrian-Hungarian transboundary region of Lake Neusiedl
Ecological Indicators 31: 59-72
Keywords (6): Ecology, Evolution, Behavior And Systematics, Plant Ecology, Biodiversity Research, Ecology, Geoinformatics, Decision Sciences(all)
Contribution to proceedings: Prinz M., Wrbka T. (2010): Ecologically Valuable Landscape Elements - A Regional Analysis in Austria
In: International Conference in Landscape Ecology, 3.-6.092010, Brno. Book of Abstracts.
Keywords (3): Geoinformatics, Agroecology, Ecosystem Research
Article: Mücke W., Hermann A. (2010): Estimation of biodiversity relevant quantities from airborne laser scanning data
Österreichische Zeitschrift für Vermessung und Geoinformation 4: 201-210
Keywords (2): Geoinformatics, Geographic Information Systems (gis)
Chapter: Prinz M., Wrbka T., Reiter K. (2010): Landscape change in the Seewinkel: Comparison among Centuries.
In: Andel J., Bicik I., Dostal P., Lipsky Z., Shahneshin S. G. (Eds.), Landscape Modelling. Geographical Space, Transformation and Future Scenarios. Springer: 123-132
Keywords (3): Geoinformatics, Ecosystem Research, Geoecology
Contribution to proceedings: Wrbka T., Hermann A., Kuttner M., Prinz M., Hainz-Renetzeder C., Zmelik K. (2010): Assessment of Landscape Functionality in Transboundary Regions in Central Europe
In: International Conference in Landscape Ecology, 3.-6.09.2010, Brno. Book of Abstracts.
Keywords (4): Geoinformatics, Agroecology, Ecosystem Research, Nature Conservation
Poster: Prinz M., Hainz-Renetzeder C., Schindler S., Wrbka T. (2009): The application of General Habitat Categories for Biodiversity Assessment in Austrian Landscapes.
Poster session presented at None.
Keywords (3): Plant Ecology, Geoinformatics, Ecosystem Research
Chapter: Wrbka T., Hainz-Renetzeder C., Grünweis F. (2009): Querschnitt durch die Vielfalt Europas - Die Großlandschaften am Grünen Band
In: Wrbka T., Zmelik K., Grünweis F. (Eds.), Das Grüne Band Europas – Grenze. Wildnis. Zukunft. Bibliothek der Provinz
Keywords (4): Geoinformatics, Ecosystem Research, Biology, Physical Geography
Chapter: Hainz-Renetzeder C., Eupen van M., Mücher S., Wrbka T. (2008): A Spatial Regional Reference Framework for Sustainability Assessment in Europe
In: Sustainability Impact Assessment of Land Use Changes. Unknown publisher
Keywords (2): Geoinformatics, Geoecology
Other: Prinz M., Wrbka T., Reiter K. (2007): SISTEMaPARC - Landscape Change in the Seewinkel
Unknown publisher
Keywords (2): Geoinformatics, Ecosystem Research