Keyword: Geology

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2Wolfgang Willner
1Stefan Dullinger

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Article: Randin C. F., Ashcroft M. B., Bolliger J., Cavender-Bares J., Coops N. C., Dullinger S., Dirnböck T., Eckert S., Ellis E., Fernández N., Giuliani G., Guisan A., Jetz W., Joost S., Karger D., Lembrechts J., Lenoir J., Luoto M., Morin X., Price B., Rocchini D., Schaepman M., Schmid B., Verburg P., Wilson A., Woodcock P., Yoccoz N., Payne D. (2020): Monitoring biodiversity in the Anthropocene using remote sensing in species distribution models
Remote Sensing of Environment: an interdisciplinary journal 239
Keywords (4): Bioinformatics, Soil Science, Geology, Computers In Earth Sciences
Article: Çoban S., Willner W. (2019): Numerical classification of the forest vegetation in the western Euxine region of Turkey
Phytocoenologia: journal of the International Association for Vegetation Science 49 (1): 71-106
Keywords (4): Plant Science, Vegetation Science, Stratigraphy, Geology
Editorial: Biurrun I., Bergmeier E., Dengler J., Jansen F., Willner W. (2019): Vegetation classification and its application are relevant globally
Phytocoenologia 49 (1): 1-6
Keywords (4): Plant Science, Vegetation Science, Stratigraphy, Geology