Keyword: Marine Biology

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2Franz Essl

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Article: Mačic V., Albano P. G., Almpanidou V., Claudet J., Corrales X., Essl F., Evagelopoulos A., Giovos I., Jimenez C., Kark S., Marković O., Mazaris A. D., Ólafsdóttir G., Panayotova M., Petović S., Rabitsch W., Ramdani M., Rilov G., Tricarico E., Fernández T. V., Sini M., Trygonis V., Katsanevakis S. (2018): Biological invasions in conservation planning: A global systematic review
Frontiers in Marine Science 5
Keywords (8): Ecosystem Research, Aquatic Science, Global And Planetary Change, Environmental Science (miscellaneous), Marine Biology, Ocean Engineering, Oceanography, Water Science And Technology
Other contribution to conference: Stelzenmüller V., Coll M., Mazaris A. D., Giakoumi S., Katsanevakis S., Portman M. E., Degen R., Mackelworth P., Gimpel A., Albano P. G., Almpanidou V., Claudet J., Essl F., Evagelopoulos T., Heymans J. J., Genov T., Kark S., Micheli F., Pennino M. G., Rilov G., Rumes B., Steenbeek J., Ojaveer H. (2018): A risk-based approach to cumulative effect assessments for marine management
ICES Annual Science Conference
Keywords (1): Marine Biology