Keyword: Phylogeny

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1Jalil Noroozi
1Franz Essl

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Article: Noroozi J., Pirani A., Moazzeni H., Mahmoodi M., Zare G., Noormohammadi A., Barfuss M. H. J., Suen M., Schneeweiss G. M. (2020): The new locally endemic genus Yazdana (Caryophyllaceae) and patterns of endemism highlight the high conservation priority of the poorly studied Shirkuh Mountains (central Iran)
Journal of Systematics and Evolution
Keywords (2): Phylogeny, Botany
Meeting abstract/Conference paper: Pachschwöll C., Essl F., Schneeweiss G. M. (2017): DNA-Barcoding von invasiven Pflanzen in Österreich: zum Projektstart: DNA barcoding of invasive plants in Austria: a project presentation
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Keywords (4): Phylogeny, Botany, Dna Barcodes, Population Genetics