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3Karl Reiter
2Stefan Schindler
1Johannes Wessely
1Franz Essl
1Bea Maas
1Wolfgang Willner
1Thomas Wrbka
1Harald Zechmeister
1Dietmar Moser
1Karl Hülber
1Siegrun Ertl
1Georg Grabherr

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Article: Schernhammer T., Wessely J., Eder E., Straka U., Essl F. (2020): Modelling the distribution of large branchiopods (Crustacea: Notostraca, Anostraca & Spinicaudata) for predicting occurrences in poorly sampled regions
Global Ecology and Conservation 23
Keywords (4): Ecology, Evolution, Behavior And Systematics, Ecology, Nature And Landscape Conservation, Zoology
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Animal Conservation
Keywords (3): Ecology, Nature And Landscape Conservation, Zoology
Article: Querner P., Milasowszky N., Zulka K. P., Abensperg-Traun M., Willner W., Sauberer N., Jakomini C., Wrbka T., Schmitzberger I., Zechmeister H. G. (2018): Habitat Structure, Quality and Landscape Predict Species Richness and Communities of Collembola in Dry Grasslands in Austria
Insects 9 (3)
Keywords (3): Nature Conservation, Zoology, Animal Ecology
Contribution to proceedings: Waringer B. M., Reiter K., Schulze C. (2017): Population density and habitat preferences of the Collared Flycatcher (Ficedula albicollis Temminck, 1815) in floodplain forests – A case study from the Donau-Auen National Park, Lower Austria: 2 to 3 November 2017, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Salzburg, Austria
In: 6th Symposium for Research in Protected Areas - Conference Volume.
Keywords (2): Zoology, Animal Ecology
Article: Beja P., Schindler S., Santana J., Porto M., Morgado R., Moreira F., Pita R., Mira A., Reino L. (2014): Predators and livestock reduce bird nest surviaval in intesive Mediteranean farmland
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Keywords (1): Zoology
Article: Querner P., Bruckner A., Drapela T., Moser D., Zaller J., Frank T. (2013): Landscape and site effects on Collembola diversity and abundance in winter oilseed rape fields in eastern Austria
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 164: 145-154
Keywords (1): Zoology
Article: Reiter K., Schulze C. (2009): Vorhersage von Effekten der globalen Klimaerwärmung auf die Verbreitung des Schneefinken (Montifringilla nivalis) in den Ostalpen
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Keywords (1): Zoology
Article: Poirazidis K., Schindler S., Ruiz C., Scandolara C. (2009): Monitoring raptor populations – a proposed methodology using repeatable methods and GIS
Avocetta 33 (2)
Keywords (1): Zoology
Article: Hülber K., Ertl S., Gottfried M., Reiter K., Grabherr G. (2005): Gourmets or gourmands? - Diet selection by large ungulates in high-alpine plant communities and possible impacts on plant propagation
Basic and Applied Ecology 6: 1-10
Keywords (2): Plant Ecology, Zoology