Hemeroby of Austrian forest ecosystems [Hemeroby]

Runtime: 1992 – 1997
Funding: Man and Biosphere Programm (MaB)


The term hemeroby is exclusively used in scientific literature and thus less likely to be confused than the term "naturalness". This was the reason when assessing the naturalness of Austria's forests and forest ecosystems in general, that we decided to start from the other end by describing the situation of forests characterised by different intensities and modes of utilisation in hemeroby levels. Based on a very clear picture obtained from 4892 field samples to which assessment criteria were applied, it was finally decided to attempt a linguistic classification for naturalness levels in an expert group of ecologists and forestry specialists, based on hemeroby assessment. The classification terms agreed upon were "artificial", "altered", "moderately altered", "seminatural", "natural". The extensive final report on the project will describe these naturalness levels and explain graduations in detail.


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